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Hron River (Slowakia)

On August 5, 2020 we visited a waste collection campaign of Pacific Garbage Screening at the river Hron in Slovakia.

PGS (www.pacific-garbage-screening.de) is a non-profit association and Green Startup from Germany, whose mission it is to collect plastic waste from oceans and rivers. PGS used a high-tech waste collection boat called CollectiX, which the association developed together with its partners.

This boat is equipped with an assembly line as well as artificially intelligent sensors. While on-board cameras scan the assembly line, drones scan the surroundings. It is therefore not only possible to collect waste, but also to generate general information about existing waste in the rivers and oceans.

It was impressive to observe how the waste, which unfortunately was abundant on the riverbank, was collected.

The Hron, a tributary of the Danube, has a severe waste problem in some places, as large quantities – mostly plastic waste of all kinds – are illegally disposed of in the river.

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