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Clean the ocean!

A clean future for our children and for all forms of life in our oceans

Our vision

As an association we aim to contribute to make life on our planet more livable. Protecting and preserving habitats counts as one of our greatest responsibilities to future generations.
The oceans develop steadily into garbage dumps.

We do not want to accept this any longer but rather do something about it.


150 million tons of plastic waste floated into the oceans in 2019. The pollution continues; 500.000 tons of plastic waste are annually released into the oceans from Europe alone. The Danube is amongst them, as it transports around 40 tons of plastics into the ocean every year. The annual worldwide sum of plastic waste ending up in the ocean amounts to 12 million tons.

Synthetic materials are extremely durable, meaning that it takes 350 to 400 years until they are completely dissolved. Bigger parts decompose to microplastic over time, while huge amounts of microplastic are simultaneously carried into the oceans through sewage. Microplastic is nowadays even traceable in human organism.

Even though numerous strategies are elaborated around the world, the problem is steadily becoming more serious and is therefore far away from being solved. In the EU, a number of measures are being incorporated into national legislation to make an European contribution to reducing pollution of the oceans. The issue can only be solved with several initiatives, which includes above all raising awareness, so that together we can protect the ocean habitat.

Photo by Iva Lopes on Unsplash

The mission

Für einen sauberen Ocean


Oceanblue links actual solutions to private initiatives. We want to contribute to the process of clearing the oceans of plastic waste and bringing it to a waste disposal. Our mission is to get into contact and conclude valid agreements with initiatives that collect plastic waste from the sea. These initiatives receive financial support from Oceanblue, which is based on the amount of plastics recovered and disposed of.


Oceanblue gives companies as well as private persons the opportunity to make individual contributions to the preservation and cleaning of the oceans.

This is done by purchasing plastic waste from the oceans. Oceanblue controls the implementation and has appropriate evidence that the service has actually been carried out.


Oceanblue is verified by an international auditor once a year. Economic security is essential and creates trust.

You be there too.

Together for a clean ocean

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